Akihiro Okumura has 10 years’ experience in several photographic fields, especially architectural photography.  In architectural photography, his photographs depict architectural structures with elegance and accuracy that can be used for many business purposes.  He believes that the purpose of architectural photography is to obtain an accurate photographic representation of the building.  The building in photographs he takes that help people seeing them to understand and feel how the space of the building is.
Another Akihiro’s advantage of photography is a field of documentation of artwork because he is an artist.  He is able to take artists’ points of their works in depth to be captured for the audience and artists themselves.  He has been producing a lot of documentary photography of artworks including his work.  He has also lots of experience in other photographic fields such as portrait, concerts and events.
2011 Web design office in Tokyo
2010 Commercial office building in Tokyo
2009 Distribution centre in Tokyo
2010-13 Records of artworks in Tokyo